A conqueror confronts cancer: Meet Ingram

Ingram sits and stacks his blocks, one atop the other. He builds what looks like a fort. It’s tall and impressive, but he’s not finished yet. Part of the fun is destroying what he’s built. With a swipe of his hand, his work is demolished, and the entire floor is messy with blocks. Ingram beams. His dad has given all three children nicknames. The little boy’s nickname is Ingram the Conqueror. It’s easy to see why.

The name “Conqueror” now has new meaning for the family because Ingram is fighting the battle of his life. The trouble began in March 2012 with a series of terrible headaches that sometimes caused Ingram to vomit. The pediatrician at first thought these were sinus headaches, then wondered if Ingram suffered from migraines. He ordered a CT scan simply as a precautionary measure, to rule out anything more serious. Later that day, he called Ingram’s mom. The doctor told her Ingram had a brain tumor.

“I was listening to his words,” she said, “but didn’t really hear what he was saying.”

Ingram was soon diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma, an aggressive brain tumor. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital used advanced diagnostics to determine exactly what treatment Ingram needed. And when no treatment existed to meet his special needs, St. Jude created a therapy just for him. In addition to chemotherapy, Ingram has received radiation therapy targeted directly to his tumor. This treatment preserves his healthy brain tissue while also giving him the best chance for survival.

Ingram has an indomitable spirit. He will fight his cancer and live a life filled with joy and meaning. Whether he’s playing with his blocks or attending school, Ingram will show the world he’s a conqueror.